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Poliscultura is the place where beautiful things are created. Our studio was established by the well-known scenographers Andrea  Ugolini and Chiara Pinotti after many years of working on important projects around the world. Thanks to the experience on working in the most popular film and opera directors of Europe, we decided to start a new adventure.

Almost two decades ago, our world was filled with colors and we became the best creators of amusement parks. Today, we take pride in providing professional concept design services both in Italy, and abroad.

Our Unique Concept Design Services

For more than 25 years, we have been creating unique conceptual art which has fascinated thousands of art admirers around the world. Our team of highly experienced professionals can create magical worlds, breathtaking civilities, great castles, unique ghost ships, and other creative works of art.

Our work is mostly focused on attraction park creations and the design of themed areas. Thanks to our extensive experience in building up astonishing masterpieces in sprayed cement, wood, and polyester we are able to follow any project from the concept idea to the final delivery.

We love our job because we love to make people happy. It’s about the emotions that we evoke through our art.  Inspiration, creativity, advanced technology, and unique techniques are inseparable parts of our working methodology.

Why do we excel?

Our team consists of extensively talented and experienced artists including scenographers, architects, multimedia designers, and creative video makers. We are a team of friends united to develop astonishing projects and create great art. We understand what it takes to bring captivating realizations at any place!

For more information regarding our exceptional concept design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with unique art solutions!