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Poliscultura is a professional studio that specializes in providing exceptional theme park planning and design services. We are based in Mantova, Italy, but operate throughout the country and abroad. For many years we have worked in the best theaters of Europe, Middle East, and many other countries of the world. We have collaborated with theater, film, and opera directors and built countless of unique scenocraphies.

At the beginning of our artistic career, we have worked at the most famous theaters of the world such as “Arena of Verona” “La Scala” di Milano. During these golden years, we have also worked on additional private projects. When we first designed a new attraction for a beautiful amusement park, we understood that the colorful cartoony world is the place we belong to.

Theme Park Planning and Design

The realization of amusement park projects was not a difficult job for us thanks to our previous experience in professional scenography. One of our dearest mentors, Claudio Mazzoli, has been our greatest inspiration. He has been a Disney concept artist and art director that has worked on USA Disney parks’ projects and other large-projects across Europe.

The years that we spent working with him have helped us plan, design, and build astonishing amusement and theme parks.

How do we work?

Our working process includes three major steps: planning, designing, and creating. After the multimedia design experts give us the final version of the amusement park design, we start building the sculptures using high-end technology, premium grade materials and products. Finally, we install them to become fascinating attraction points.

If you’re interested to learn more about our theme park planning and design services, please feel free to contact us any time you want. We would be happy to offer you a unique project solution and a magic attraction park!