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We have been concept designers for 25 years and we love it. We can create new worlds, astonishing civilities, magical castles, ghost ships and so on. Our work is focused on attraction parks but we used to work for the most important theaters of Italy in the past.

How did we start? At the very beginning we worked for the Arena of Verona and the theatre “La Scala” di Milano, ones of the most famous theaters of the world. Some years later, we were asked to design and make new attraction for some amusement parks. It was 1992 and we had to choose between the noble art of theater scenography and the colorful cartoony world of the amusement parks. We are so proud of our choice.

Our mentor and friend, Claudio Mazzoli, had been a Disney concept artists and art director, working on the Disney parks of USA and the greatest parks of Europe. Working with him, we have learned so much about designing captivating attractions and theme parks.

Poliscultura’s team is great in designing themed areas because we have years of experience in realizing them. We have worked in the field for 30 years, building up astonishing masterpieces in sprayed cement, wood, polyester. To sum up, we can follow any project from the concept to the delivery.

What about our techniques? We do love traditional drowning and paintings (oil, watercolours and so on): Andrea & Chiara, the founders, are proficient painters and awarded sculptors. Otherwise, we adore the emotions we can create through the digital art: in this section, you can have a look of some of our 2d and 3d projects.