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Andrea  Ugolini & Chiara Pinotti are scenographers. In the 90’s they started making scenography for “Arena di Verona”, “La Scala di Milano” and “Regio di Parma”. They worked together with some of the most important film directors and opera directors of Europe. Then, they moved from the noble field of theatres to the cartoony and colourful world of attraction parks .They have a dog, a cat and a horse.

Our team is made by some good friends. Alberto Bertini is an architect, working on theme parks in Paris and Dubai. He worked on Unesco projects in France and have been made projects in Africa and Middle East. He has been friend with his mentors Andrea & Chiara since he was a child. Alberto, together with Giammarco, Matteo and Fabio, created “Squadra Egitto”. Giammarco Bianchini is a web and multimedia designer; Matteo Casari and Fabio Galuppini are astonishing videomakers.

Together we proudly create great things.