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Professional Design of Sculptures for Theatre

Professional Design of Sculptures for TheatreAt Poliscultura Creative Studio Group, our main aim is to help you realize your ideas in the best way possible and turn them into amazing pieces of art. We operate a concept design studio and can offer help for a full range of services from the initial concept to installation.

As professional sculptors and concept art designers ourselves, we understand what it takes to bring an idea to realization. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise of materials and production techniques, we can build sculptures evenly through practicability to design to the final production expediently.

Some of the main services we provide are design sculptures for theaters and amusement parks, concept design, theme park planning and design, theatre scenographies, and other services of the scenic industry.

Unique Design Sculptures for Theatre

Our creative studio group is known as one of the leading service provider and designer of high-quality design sculptures for theatres in Italy and abroad.  We have many years of experience working in some of the most famous theatres of the world such as “Arena of Verona” and La Scala” of Milano.

We can design sculptures according to your needs and requirements, and create them to perfectly suit your needs. Our artworks are created using different media, such as sculpted cement, metal, wood, fabric, stone and mixed media, using various methods and advanced techniques.

Why do we excel?

We work with you from the beginning of a project offering challenge and problem-solving ideas. Moreover, we provide you with all the needed information regarding costs, fabrication techniques, installation and long-term care of pieces. Customer-satisfaction is our top priority; therefore we strive to meet all your needs and requirements.

For further information related to our design sculptures for theaters, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly receive your request and offer you the best deal possible!