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Professional Design and Build of Scenographies for Theater

Professional Design and Build of Scenographies for TheaterPoliscultura can delightfully offer you various professional and creative art production services including design and build of scenographies for theatres. Our company has a team of talented artists in different fields that are capable of developing great projects and realizing magnificent products.

The founders of the company, Andrea  Ugolini, and Chiara Pinotti are well-known scenographers that have worked in the best theaters of Italy, Europe, and the Middle East since 1990. Their experience and love about art have served the rest of the team as an inspiration to develop exceptional techniques and bring innovation in the world of theatre.

Exceptional Services in Design and Build of Scenographies for Theater

Experienced opera directors, film and theatre directors know that a well-designed scene is essential for a successful performance. It elicits special emotions to the audience and increases the productivity of the actors.

Here at Poliscultura Studio Group, we look at the details searching for unique elements to produce exceptional concept ideas that best suit the genre of the play and the content of the script. We are very curious and open to different possibilities to learn, seek, and explore. This way we’re able to generate new ideas and build exclusive theatre stages.

Our extensive expertise has enabled us to develop a highly visual imagination and helps us design the concept for the production and design the scenic environment. Our work is a process of discovery, always trying to identify new elements that can help us support the story that is being told in the best way possible.

Why our services?

As a customer-friendly company, we have a strong focus on offering high-quality design and production services in order to meet all your specific needs. To learn more about our art and professional services in design and the creation of scenographies for theaters, we can gladly provide you with additional information. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you want!