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Captivating Design Sculptures for Amusement Park

Captivating Design Sculptures for Amusement ParkPolisculturais a reputable studio that specializes in full range services in the amusement and theme parks market. Many years ago we decided to start growing in our professional careers, and we moved from the theatre scene to the creation of attractive parks.

As soon as we started our first project, we were captured by fantasy and the desire to accomplish and work on other similar projects grew very fast. We were so fascinated with colors, animations, and beautiful details so we wanted to become part of them.

We had so many goals, and thanks to our hard work and determination we achieved to accomplish all of them. Today, we pride ourselves on providing various creative and professional solutions including design sculptures for amusement parks.

Our Design Sculptures for Amusement Parks

The founders of our company are proficient painters and awarded sculptors. They have made sculptures of different sizes and types for many important customers around the world.

Some of their major projects include “Fondazione di Verona”, “Teatro Regio Parma”, “Teatro ala Scala”, “Sea Life”, “Legoland”, “Gardaland” and many other masterpieces.

Our excellent team of concept artists, painters, sculptors, and digital artists love traditional drawing and painting, but also adore the emotions they can evoke through their exceptional 2D and 3 D digital art. A successful result it’s all about a well-designed project and the combination of appropriate techniques.

Why our services?

At our beginnings, we worked for the Arena of Verona and the theatre “La Scala” di Milano, ones of the most famous theaters of the world. We were happy and liked the job we did.

However, some years later we were offered a job to design and make new attractions for an amusement park.  After that, we decided to move from the noble art of theatre scenography to the creation of astonishing theme parks.

To learn more about our services and design sculptures for amusement parks, please contact us!